SM Lifestyle: Greek Island Guide


The islands of Greece are an ever-increasingly popular holiday destination. Characterised by crystal clear warm seas, incredible food and charming towns, it's no wonder that the Greek islands are such a sought-after holiday destination.

With 227 inhabited Greek Islands to choose from, SM has selected our top three to visit this summer.


If you're desperate for a taste of slow-living in a beautiful setting, Hydra is for you. There are no cars allowed on the island, which defines this island's serene and quaint atmosphere.

Explore the rustic architecture and winding streets by donkey, and the island's rocky coves with crystal clear waters by boat.

Hydra is just 2 hours from Athens, making this one of the more accessible of the Greek Islands. 


Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands, home to a diverse landscape that stretches from white sand beaches to ancient ruins to dramatic mountain ranges. If you love an adventurous holiday with lots to do, Crete is for you.

Visit the beautiful town of Chania in the west of Crete. Easily accessible due to having two of Crete's major airports, Chania is the perfect base for exploring sandy beaches, vineyards, wild hikes and the charming Old Town of Chania itself.

Sandy beaches are harder to come by when it comes to the Greek Islands, which gives Crete a huge appeal. Visit the pink sands of Elafonisi Beach.

If you're a fan of active holidays, Crete has some incredible landscapes for trekking, including Samira Gorge; the longest gorge in Europe (pictured above.)


If you're searching for a Greek island that is sophisticated but also secluded, Paxos is the perfect choice. 

This tiny Ionion island is home to only three gorgeous harbour towns with restaurants on the waterfronts, and charming villas stretching from the cliffs up into the trees.

Be sure to rent a motorboat when you visit, to hop from one deserted cove to the next, and to visit the even smaller AntiPaxos for a lazy lunch by the sea.

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