Behind the brand

From cousins to colleagues

SANS MATIN originated as an idea whilst we were backpacking across South America in 2015. After a slight complication involving a pair of sneakers and a tumble-dryer, a new pair were needed. We were looking for a stylish, comfortable and affordable sneaker that suited varied environments – an office in London as much as a local bar in Medellin, Colombia. After exploring every option, we soon realised that they didn't exist, and with that, SANS MATIN was born.

Cultural shifts call for shifts in fashion

Over the last decade, we at SANS MATIN have seen an enormous cultural shift taking place in modern businesses and start-ups, which challenges traditional work-place norms; conventional working hours and, more significantly for us, stiff dress codes. Sneakers signify this shift in culture and have now become the everyday footwear staple in nearly all environments - from nightclubs to offices. Our brand name, SANS MATIN ('Without Morning'), embodies these ideologies and personifies the 'Work Hard, Play Hard' concept.