The Atelier

Handmade benefits

All our products are handmade in Medellin by shoemakers with up to 30+ years of experience. We use less energy and natural resources to produce our sneakers than items made on a mass production assembly line, and in doing so, create jobs and strengthen the local economy. 

Family is built into the brand

As cousins we place great value on the importance of family. We work very closely together and actively implement a family culture throughout the SANS MATIN brand. The atelier, where all SM shoes are handmade, is also family run and owned. Having visited many times, we have formed incredible relationships with everyone there. Our family-first culture has allowed for a very positive working environment for us and for all those involved in the brand, and we feel privileged to be working alongside such an incredible team.

Materials matter

All SANS MATIN materials are locally sourced from within two hours of our atelier. We handpick all our leathers, canvases, laces, cottons and everything in between in Medellin to ensure that every product we produce is up to the highest standard. Our footbed was engineered through weeks spent with local manufacturers tweaking the design in order to create the most comfortable sneaker possible. At SANS MATIN we're all about attention to detail.