Our Charities: Children Change Colombia


At SΛNS MΛTIN, we feel it is important to give back, which is why we donate 1% of every purchase to our three charitable partners.

We have donated tens of thousands of pounds to charity so far, and that wouldn't be possible without you!


We also want to ensure that our wonderful customers can hear about the difference they've made in supporting SΛNS MΛTIN. So, we'd like to introduce you to one of our brilliant charities; Children Change Colombia.


All our beautiful shoes are handmade in Colombia, so the country has a huge place in our hearts. That's why Children Change Colombia really resonated with us.


Children Change Colombia have been working for 32 years with children and families fighting poverty, inequality and violence in Colombia. 


Their mission is to support, empower and protect children and young people who are survivors or at risk of the most neglected problems in Colombia.

Their work involves strengthening local grassroots organisations that tackle neglected issues affecting children across the country.


The charity has supported and transformed the lives of over 65,000 children and their families so far. 



Over the last decade, CCC has focused its support into helping children with disabilities, tackling gender-based and sexual violence, guaranteeing access and to education for children living in remote areas, rehabilitating and reintegrating demobilised young people, and implementing activities such as training youth leaders and providing psychosocial support.

CCC have created multiple programmes helping the development of life skills in young girls, and preventing the exploitation of children from Afro-Colombian communities who are at risk of working in illegal mines.


The charity also provides psychosocial support for children in need, and implement activities such as training youth leaders, which all contribute to CCC's core mission of empowering children.


One neglected issue CCC has been working on is preventing the recruitment of children into armed groups, and reintegrating them into society.


Prolonged violence and poverty in Colombia have led thousands of children and adolescents to be recruited into armed groups and gangs by force or under the impression that becoming a member of these groups will offer them an escape from poverty.


Those children who manage to escape face severe stigmatisation and insufficient government support. CCC work to protect and aid their reintegration process, offering safe homes and psychological support for boys and girls who have been linked to gangs and armed groups.


Since the charity began in 1991, CCC has allocated more than 13 million pounds to support more than 50 partner organisations across the country.

We are very grateful for all our wonderful customers for contributing to this cause. We could not help such an incredible charity without your support!


Thank you.

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